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Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies: What Are They and How to Prepare for Them

Is you business wanting to celebrate a grand opening, remodel, or special anniversary? A Ribbon Cutting Ceremony is the way to go! Keep reading to learn more about what a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony is and how your business/organization can prepare for it.

What's a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony?

Often times people think that businesses can only have a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony when they first open but at least here at the Vista Chamber that is not the case. A quick scroll through the Vista Chamber's Instagram account (@vistachamberofcommerce) will show you that we love to host a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to celebrate any of your business' milestones. Some of these milestones might include a grand opening, becoming a Vista Chamber member, celebrating an anniversary, remodel, and/or moving locations. These are only some of the reasons we would gather together to celebrate you and your business but if there's anything else you want to celebrate we'll be there with our giant scissors!

How to Schedule a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony?

Now that you have a big milestone to celebrate you will want to schedule your Ribbon Cutting with your local chamber, and hopefully in your case it's the Vista Chamber. Scheduling with us it's super easy, first you want to make sure that you're a current member of the Vista Chamber. If you're not yet a member, you can start the process by applying through our website here or email our Membership Development Specialist Caleb Rosado at After officially joining the Chamber, you will reach out to our Administrative Assistant at Our Administrative Assistant will reach out to you and look over what dates best work for you but also for our team to be able to attend and celebrate your milestone with you.

How to Prepare for a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony?

After scheduling this very special event you will ask yourself, now what? Depending on how far out you schedule your ribbon cutting, you will want to move quick. We usually ask that you schedule around a month in advance, not only to give us enough time to promote but to help you spread the word out too. You will want to invite family, friends, colleagues, and anyone that's had an impact in helping get to this milestone. No celebration is complete without food, so we always ask that you please provide refreshments for your guests. You will want to adjust these depending on the time of day, if you're having a ribbon cutting before 11am you might want to offer coffee and donuts, if it's after that time you might want to offer some lunch options. We love when members support each other and so we always ask (but don't require) that you partner with a fellow chamber member for these special occasions, you can see some of our members with catering options here.

For many of the people attending your Ribbon Cutting Ceremony it might be their first-time hearing about your business or visiting your location so they will want to learn more. Preparing a small speech with information about your business, your story about getting to this point, and introducing important people in your life that've helped you achieve success are great ways for people to learn about your business.

Unless otherwise requested, the chamber always provides the ribbon and scissors for this magical moment. Our staff takes pictures and videos of the ceremony and these are shared on our social media pages and in our quarterly magazine. Our magazine is distributed throughout the city and is also available online here.

The Vista Chamber always invites our elected officials and their representatives from city, county, state, and federal levels. Although not guaranteed that they attend, when they do they provide businesses with a certificate and appreciation for doing business in Vista.

Did We Miss Anything?

If after all this information you still have questions please reach out to us. We're excited to celebrate your milestone with you!