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Each month, we honor and recognize outstanding students from our local high schools.

Program Mission Statement:
To bring the community together to honor our local high school seniors for demonstrating character;
integrity, love of learning, involvement in school and community activities and/or the ability to overcome
challenging life circumstances without compromising their education. The core of the Rising Star of the
Month is the student who makes a difference in their home, school & community with sincerity and passion.

Thank you to Our Sponsors:

Rising Star Students 2022 - 2023


January 2023

Viktor Gazibaric - Guajome Park Academy

Belen Hernandez - Rancho Buena Vista High School

Brigita Hambali - Vista High School

Quinn White - Alta Vista High School

Zachary Schuler - Mission Vista High School


December 2022

Hailey Michael - Mission Vista High School

Steven Carrasco - Trade Tech High School

Imelda Mota - Guajome Park Academy

Vielka Gonzalez - Major General Raymond Murray High School

Marquis Avalos - Vista High School

Alejandra Gonzalez - Rancho Buena Vista High School


November 2022

Tevon Sesay - Guajome Park Academy

Javiyah Moliga - Vista Visions Academy

Angelina "Lina" Cruz - Rancho Buena Vista High School

Aylin Mendez - Vista High School

Gabriel Brito - Alta Vista High School

Khalif Kamil - Mission Vista High School


October 2022

Kimberly Delgado - Vista High School

Josephine Ortega Lopez - Major General Raymond Murray High School

Brittany Martinez Martinez - Trade Tech High School

Samantha Schwalbe - Mission Vista High School

Peter Childs - Rancho Buena Vista High School (Could not attend but parents represented him)


September 2022

Nicole Singer - Rancho Buena Vista High School

Evan Fogel - Vista High School

Ben Kisner - Alta Vista High School

Judith Arguello - Mission Vista High School

Jackie Jacobo - Guajome Park Academy

Douglas Huerta - Vista Visions Academy